Our Business Values

 Business values

Achieve Full Transparency

Be open, transparent and free from corruption, with good governance and accountability at all levels of our organisations.

Better business means working towards the highest ethical standard. We achieve this by providing accurate, timely and pertinent information to our customers and stakeholders in all areas.


Champion Collaboration

We work with other businesses, industry forums, governments, and the community to champion open dialogue and forge new partnerships that work towards positive change.

Virtual Information Technology are represented at the ITSMF, TASICT, AICD and many more forums and community based entities.


Guarantee Dignity and Fairness

We guarantee that people throughout our supply chains are treated with dignity and respect. We foster a safe, equitable and empowering work environment, where all staff receive a fair share of the value they create and their rights are fully supported.

Businesses must respect all people—those they employ and those they don’t. Wherever we operate, we insist on the fair treatment of all people.


Foster Diversity

We foster and celebrate diversity, including gender, at all levels of business while ensuring equality of opportunity for all employees.

The new model of business must work for all. We are determined to champion diversity as a key characteristic of successful twenty-first century businesses, where people are invited to be different together, with equal opportunities for advancement.

We believe in a level playing field for those suffering most from discrimination, particularly women. Change will involve profound cultural shifts, which business can contribute to—but does not fully control. By changing our own ways, we can help accelerate these deeper cultural shifts while driving increases in innovation and productivity.


Treasure Nature

Virtual Information Technology will ensure our company will invest in new business models that help regenerate the environment. We will also work to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

By playing our part, we can help turn things around and bring about a thriving, net-zero carbon, restorative economy that also respects other planetary boundaries.

Business depends on natural resources—and it can also help regenerate them.


Generate Successful Communities

We do not exist in isolation. In order for us to thrive our community must also thrive.

We can create this environment by all ensuring wellbeing in the workplace. Our management agenda must include the wider world of family and community.

Our social fabric is not just the responsibility of government and the public sector, it must be in the direct interest of long term businesses.


Redefine Reward Systems

We champion all efforts to close the pay gap throughout the business world.

All employees deserve an equitable wage that supports a sustainable lifestyle and support fair rewards in our company and in the wider Australian business world.

We measure our compensation systems to ensure they include the latest social and environmental performance targets and metrics.


In For the Long Haul

Virtual Information Technology is committed to uncovering and implementing new ways of accounting for and reporting on our progress against tomorrow’s bottom line.

We will endeavour to adopt longer reporting cycles and deliver long term value to all stakeholders by encouraging inclusive, collaborative leadership.

Through usage of True Scale Accounting we will not only track financial value, but also environmental and social value. It will be recorded, defined, analysed and managed in new ways.