About Us


Virtual Information Technology was born out of the desire to deliver exceptional ICT support and service. Co-founders: Nicola Cox and Mark Hitchcock believe there is a requirement for a reliable, transparent and honest ICT service provider and believe they can deliver these services.

Based in Hobart we are a wholly owned Tasmanian company and we believe we have a responsibility to our customer and community.


Virtual Information Technology believe the best approach is to work collaboratively with our customers to ensure the best result. We add value with real IP and expertise, take full ownership for project outcomes and guarantee delivery.

Our solutions are led by experienced technicians and partners who have a track record of delivery and a deep understanding of the current trends and drivers in a range of industries. We deliver value without the need for our clients to compromise on quality.

Valued Partnerships

Our Vision

A world where local business is the force behind social, environmental and economic benefit.

Our Mission

We believe better business means working towards the highest ethical standards.

Businesses must respect all people—those they employ and those they don’t.

We can achieve this through: providing exceptional customer service, best practice consultancy, governance reporting and accurate, timely and pertinent information to our customers and stakeholders, in all areas that we operate.

Our Purpose is to empower our clients by giving them access to the best and latest ICT solutions and support

At Virtual IT, we believe that there is a requirement for a reliable, transparent, and honest ICT solutions provider in Tasmania. 
We want our clients to have the best possible experience with their ICT and we strive to deliver that.